Strategic Giving Consultants LLC

Advancing effective philanthropy

"Our goal is to assist donors in planning and implementing their charitable giving to reflect their values and achieve the greatest impact. We work with individuals, families, corporations and private foundations to support their targeted philanthropic commitments."

Peter Fleischmann, Principal

We provide highly customized philanthropic advisory services such as:

  • Analysis of current giving patterns and history
  • Guided exploration of personal values and priorities
  • Development of charitable mission statement
  • Research into fields of interest and potential grant recipients
  • Establishing charitable allocation targets
  • Evaluation of gift proposals and solicitation materials
  • Site visits to agencies and organizations
  • Interviews with agency staff and board leadership
  • Negotiation of gift agreements
  • Evaluation of funding options including alternative giving methods
  • Negotiation of appropriate donor recognition
  • Charitable gift planning
  • Charitable estate and legacy planning
  • Representing donor interests in monitoring compliance with gift terms and conditions
  • Facilitation of intergenerational philanthropy engaging children and grandchildren
  • Close coordination with donor's legal, financial, tax and investment advisors

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